Including aerial footage in your corporate video can give you a real edge over your competitors for one simple reason — it lets you create an outstanding visual experience for your audience. Drone filming allows you to capture stunning imagery from hard to reach locations and angles, providing a unique viewpoint and perspective.

As an award-winning video production agency in Arizona, New Angle Media offers cutting-edge aerial imaging and filming services using the very latest in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone technology and photographic equipment. Our partners are FAA certified and insured and have clearance to fly within nearly all Metro Phoenix locations.

Commercial Videos

Using aerial video in your commercial videos ensures that every shot is taken from the perfect camera position, regardless of inaccessible locations or tight spaces. In addition, it provides an outstanding opportunity to leverage the advantage of your location and showcase its beauty as well as surrounding features from angles that are not possible with ground or traditional filming.

At New Angle Media, we create impressive commercial videos and show reels for nearly every digital channel you can imagine. From simple face-to-camera shoots, or multi-location, multi-camera productions, we do them all.

Event Coverage

Drone footage can be a great addition to your marketing and event recap videos. Using a drone allows you to follow every action in your event from a high angle; not a single moment is missed due to crowding or distance.

You can use our drone filming service to your advantage to not only capture spectacular aerial views but also show off event locations, crowds of visitors and the whole set-up like never before.

Big Opportunity

Drone filming is emerging as an extremely popular video production option for businesses. Especially for property developers, realtors, spa and hotel owners, and those in the tourism industry, aerial imagery and filming has opened remarkable marketing opportunities.

To explore the true potentials of drone filming and footage, contact New Angle Media today!

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