Every brand has a story, but it needs to be told in a way that engages the audience. Why not harness the power of video and motion graphics?

Delivering a message with motion graphics allows you to grab the attention of your target audience and engage them in meaningful ways. New Angle Media is an award-winning agency that has the creative and strategic talent you need to get the most out of motion graphics. With a focus on quality, out-of-the-box thinking, and high-end design, we demonstrate how motion graphic technology brings digital production to life.

Whether it’s your brand story, a new website, a mobile app, trade show exhibit, a live experience, or a special event, let us show you how motion graphics can help communicate a clear visual message.

Brand Storytelling

Tell the world about your vision, your company, and your brand’s narrative with the power of motion graphics. New Angle’s motion graphics services are designed to create a unique, authentic, and relatable narrative around your brand in a way that resonates with your target audience.

We get an in-depth understanding of your brand and business to help you craft a story that’s genuine - never a sales pitch or a marketing gimmick. This helps you strike a deeper connection with your audience and positions your brand as ‘real’ and trustworthy.

Video Marketing

While most marketing pros agree that video has the best ROI of any kind of content, 64% of customers say they buy a product online after watching a video about it. As the most popular way to promote your business online, video is a powerful marketing tool with an incredible reach.

Today, motion graphics are used in all kinds of distribution channels, including corporate videos, social media, explainers, television, in-store, digital ad banners, and OOH screens. By integrating media, technology and creativity, we enable you to deliver high quality and engaging end-to-end customer experiences across all channels, helping you get ahead of your competitors.

Maximize ROI

With New Angle’s services, get maximum value out of every production, from product demos and presentations filled with rich motion graphics to promotional advertisements and corporate training sessions.

Our full-service, in-house studio can take your video from concept to distribution, and our analytics tools will arm your decision-makers with information about who’s watching your videos, how long they’re staying engaged and more.

To learn how New Angle Media can help you benefit from the video revolution, contact us today!

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