In today’s world of short attention spans, it’s becoming exceedingly critical for businesses to get their message across in a fast and easily-consumable way. Combining both visual and auditory stimuli, 3D and animation has opened great opportunities for marketers to capture attention, evoke emotion, and create a connection between a brand and its audience.

Because 3D and animation-based content is easier to consume and more interactive than other content formats, it helps your target audience respond to your message and take actions that convert them into paying customers and loyal advocates of your business.

New Angle Media provides a full suite of 3D and animation services for explainer videos, commercials, virtual experiences, and product demos — right from concept design to cutting edge execution. Backed by an expert team and experience in modeling and animation, we bring a higher level of interactivity and allow you to show great product details.

Animated Explainers

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to strike a connection with a prospect who doesn’t know your business and the value it can add to their life, and even more so if your products or services are complex and hard to understand. Animated explainer videos can simplify your message and deliver it in a way that’s engaging and relevant to your audience.

When used in conjunction with your website, social media, mobile app, trade show, outdoor and television marketing efforts, animated explainer videos and films can boost the results — such as increased brand awareness, optimized marketing spend, and higher sales — by many times over.

3D Modeling

Whether you want to recreate your concepts in a tangible format, bring your product ideas to life, show off your products or enhance its reach, our 3D modeling and product design solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Not only does 3D modeling help to better demonstrate your product ideas, prototypes or finished products than standard photography or video, it also draws more eyeballs to your products and services. In fact, the possibilities are truly endless in terms of what you can visually create and communicate with 3D.

With experience creating more than one thousand 3d models and product designs for businesses, we cover everything — from simple consumer goods to more intricate and technically-detailed products. Through rich expertise and use of cutting-edge software, our award winning team can model and render your concepts, product visions, and ideas in extraordinary detail, providing an exact visual reproduction of how your product will turn out in reality.

Do More With 3D and Animation

Explore more ways to build successful products and grow your business. Let New Angle Media help you tap into the limitless potential of 3D and animation. Contact us today and we’ll show you how!

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