Video consumption has skyrocketed! It now accounts for nearly 70% of all Internet while on-demand video is witnessing 3X the growth from last year, according to Cisco. Adults in the US are spending about 5.5 hours watching video content daily. Businesses of all sizes are rapidly entering the space to grab their piece of the pie - it’s not hard to see why.

For more than 60% of marketers, video is likely to be prominently featured in their marketing strategies.

With the volume of video content uploaded to the Internet each day, however, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture the attention of your target audience. What makes the video an even more challenging landscape is that it’s constantly providing marketers with brand new ways to drive customer loyalty and ROI. From on-demand streaming, live streaming, and mobile viewing to more recent video trends like VR and 360-degree video, there’s a tremendous opportunity to be unlocked by adopting video into your marketing strategy.

But how do you connect and engage with your audience in a world where they are bombarded with content of all sorts, including marketing videos, every minute? How do you cut through all that noise? Here are some ways to leverage video marketing to connect with your audience and delight them with a positive and memorable brand experience.  

Maintain consistent brand voice

While it’s important to ensure that your videos resonate with your audience, it’s essential to maintain consistency with your brand voice. A one-off ‘viral’ hit might create awareness about your brand, but it doesn’t necessarily earn consumers’ trust. If your content is not genuine and true to your brand, they won’t engage.

For instance, if you run a pizzeria and try making videos that promote healthy eating, it’s a recipe for failure. You can’t capitalize on a trend simply because it’s ‘hot’ at the moment. If it looks forced, savvy consumers will see through it.

Identify what makes your product/service useful or entertaining for your audience

It’s easier to create entertaining videos if what you do involves something that people normally find interesting. For example, videos made by a travel company will be visually appealing but what if your brand sells something as boring as paper cups?

People often go online looking for useful tips and tricks. Making DIY videos on paper cup crafts or reuse tips can be a great way to add an interesting angle to your brand’s story. What you’re essentially doing here is offering practical value to your audience while integrating your product seamlessly into the narrative.

Use social media to generate ideas

Social media is not just a great platform to share and promote your video, but it’s also an effective tool for finding content ideas. While you need to be original to stand out, keeping an eye on the videos being made in your brand category can spark off ideas.

Another great tip is to look at what your competitors and video creators in your niche are doing. It’s easy to figure out what’s working for them, and what isn’t by observing the reactions their videos are generating on social media. That way you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Maintain a schedule

You’ve started creating some videos and the responses are positive…that’s great! But, it won’t last if you are not consistent with your video uploading routine. Posting a video every now and then, on an erratic schedule will fail to sustain your audience's attention in the long run.

This is why you need to create an editorial calendar. It will not only help you stay organized with the topics you want to focus on but will also allow you to get your videos off the ground in a more timely manner. You can also keep a track of seasonal or upcoming events that your audience may be interested in.

Pay attention to detail

Before clicking on a video, it’s the thumbnail and the video title that gets people hooked. Often brands lose sight of these small things, but paying attention to them make a world of difference.

For instance, the title of a video also serves the purpose of SEO. If your titles don’t have the right keywords and tags that are relevant to your audience, your video will get lost in the sea of videos being churned out every day.

Creating good videos and getting them out in the world for people to see is great. But it’s not enough. You need to interact with your audience in as many ways as possible — reply to their comments, host giveaways and rewards, and encourage more participation through quizzes and contests. By engaging with them, listening to them, and talking about what's interests them, you can leverage video successfully to build a loyal audience. 

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