Want to begin curating a list of leads and expand your CRM database? Creative campaigns and landing pages provide focused content that allow users to engage with your company immediately and automate your marketing workflows. Creative campaigns incorporate various elements of marketing to provide value to your potential customer.

Creative designers at New Angle Media skilled and experienced at designing creative campaigns and landing pages, with the added skill of optimizing existing ones in a way that they look great and perform even better. Creative campaigns can also be an excellent way to capture data that can help you understand the performance of your current products and service offerings and how they stack up against competitors. All this information can help to improve your products and services and retain a loyal customer base.

Creative Campaign Creation

Campaigns that transform hard-earned traffic into new business

We design every campaign with conversion rates in mind. Our process includes: 

  • Competitor analysis
  • Audience research and persona development
  • Wire-framing and design
  • Copy creation integration
  • Strategic placement of calls-to-actions and other key elements
  • Initial page deployment
  • Optimizing page according to Conversion Optimization
  • A/B testing

High Conversion Landing Pages

Landing pages that perform your desired actions and yield the results you had envisioned

As web pages designed to fulfil a specific goal and drive conversions, landing pages can be a great tool to market your product or service, boost revenue, and promote your business online. A landing page is just one aspect of a creative campaign that New Angle can assist you with.

We believe a good landing page design isn’t only about grabbing eyeballs, it’s also about increasing click-throughs to increase sales or to perform any other desired action. To this end, we use personalization to create landing pages that are tailored for your visitors based on their past behaviors.

Our landing page creation and optimization process begins with developing personas for your product or service, while everything from design, copy, and layout are measured through key elements of the Conversion Optimization. This eliminates any guess work from the process and ensures your landing page accomplishes the targeted goals.

Landing Page Optimization

Make your existing landing pages an engine for traffic growth and revenue generation

You may already have a landing page but are, perhaps, not getting much out of it. In such cases, our landing page optimization services can give it a facelift, turning it into a valuable marketing asset for your business.

Unlike other landing page optimization services, our process involves more than adding a flashy design, changing page copy, or simply scattering a few calls-to-action. Our years of designing landing pages and incorporating marketing elements into a well thought out creative campaign have taught us that the most important factor is user experience. Therefore, we examine your existing page from your visitor’s perspective and identify what needs to be fixed. Our focus remains on re-designing your landing page or overhauling your campaign, making sure it will offer tangible benefits to your business.

Combining New Angle’s creative campaign knowledge and landing page services with other marketing solutions like pay-per-click advertising, email marketing and special promotions can help you make an even bigger impact.

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