Executive Summary

Vista College Preparatory, a free elementary school in Phoenix, focuses on preparing students for academic success in middle school, high school and college. The school came to New Angle looking for a high-impact video to help tell their story.

Vista College Case Study Graphic
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Applied Techniques

  • Corporate Overview
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Video Production
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Our Approach

Our goal was to create awareness of Vista College Prep and demonstrate how the school is positively shaping the kids’ futures, as well as how supporters in the community can assist their mission.

We knew from the beginning that we needed to highlight the many roles of the school and showcase students and teachers. Our creative process began with pre-production action items, including:

  • Conceptual planning in collaborating with the school
  • Development of a script that included interview questions
  • Storyboarding and logistical planning

In addition, our team staged all production equipment at the school two days before filming to rehearse and ensure a smooth production.

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Vista College Location Shot


On the day of production, our studio team went into the classrooms and shot b-roll of the well-behaved students during reading time, raising their hands to answer a teacher’s questions and while they worked on rigorous assignments.

After b-roll was complete, a group of students were interviewed individually and asked to tell us what they wanted to be when they grew up. We took the cinematography into consideration here; these student shots were taken at different angles and framing. We also interviewed the teachers and parents about the fundamentals and vision of Vista College Prep.

Vista College Production Shot


Lastly, we set up for one of the more powerful shots of the video project – the “hero” shot of the school’s key staff members. The technique used was a dolly plus a follow-focus to move the camera towards each staff member. The “heroes” of Vista College Prep impact the students and their futures, and we wanted to showcase their passion for education.

The entire video shoot took eight hours. After filming, our team began the post-production process of editing the raw video footage, creating motions graphics, adding titling and performing color grading and enhancement. The video was also provided with Spanish subtitles.

The Results

Vista College Prep features the video on their website and shares it with prospective students’ families to enroll students. It is also showcased to sponsors/donors and at charity events. Watch the Vista College Prep video now!

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