Executive Summary

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Nonprofit Marketing Arizona launched in collaboration with Maagcomm Plus, began as a print and digital publication and was Arizona’s first digital magazine for nonprofits. Each publication reached approximately 30,000 nonprofits and businesses that support charitable organizations and through our efforts to publish and promote the bi-monthly magazine in 2016, we uncovered several challenges.

Wanting to keep with the more traditional magazine format, we published the online magazine on Issuu®, a magazine hosting platform. The copies of the magazine on Issuu, unfortunately, were not indexed by Google. Also, the Issuu format did not offer as much flexibility to add video and other interactive elements to engage readers and showcase the nonprofits.

Lastly, the absence of an online CMS meant a lot of offline, behind the scenes conversations and content approvals.

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Applied Techniques

  • Online Community
  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Design
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • PHP
  • Analytics
  • wynd CMS
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Our Approach

Keeping the goals of Nonprofit Marketing Arizona in mind – to inform, educate and inspire – New Angle created a new website, organized into the categories of the magazine, to store the existing content and to provide a place to more easily publish new content in the future.

In the planning phase of the project, we established requirements and reviewed what data we could gather from Issuu about the top issues/content of the magazine. In analyzing the success of past issues, we determined the content hierarchy for the website, which became the categories of the navigation and how the website it organized. We determined the frequency of content and responsibilities and roles of the team for publication of fresh content. We also established who would author the content on the website.

Once these decisions were made, we wireframed the homepage to show the top content from all categories and incorporated a way to show advertisements on the site.

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We utilized our proprietary CMS platform, wynd, to solve the challenges of managing the magazine across the Maagcomm Plus and New Angle teams. Using wynd allowed us to simplify the process of creating and publishing content for the magazine.

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Our team designed and built a custom theme with full-width templates to emulate the spaciousness and fun layouts of a print magazine. We migrated all content from the magazine issues over to the new website using wynd and added tracking to see how the website was being used, what articles were most popular, etc.

Nonprofit Marketing Arizona also includes the Giving Guide/TV, an online nonprofit directory. Members of the Giving Guide can incorporate video into their directory listing, allowing them to show and tell their story from their perspective.

The TV aspect of the Giving Guide stems back to GivingHope.TV, an online network designed to showcase the stories of nonprofits and raise awareness for their organization at no cost to them. The new Giving Guide/TV on Nonprofit Marketing Arizona also incorporates a Donate call-to-action, allowing readers and supporters to donate right from the directory page. We also implemented Disqus, an add-on tool to increase engagement and encourage discussion with comments, to the Giving Guide.

Nonprofit Marketing Arizona Final Webite

The Results

Nonprofit Marketing Arizona new website community format kept the goals of the original publication and made the information and content more easily accessible. The new site also streamlined the process of content creation and promotion using a Content Management System (CMS) accessible by all members of the team, not just the design team. With the addition of the bi-weekly newsletter digest, we’ve positioned Nonprofit Marketing Arizona as a resource for nonprofits looking to improve their marketing efforts on all sides.

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