Behaviors surrounding technology have completely transformed the way customers interact with brands. Most of our everyday experiences are digital, and customers are beginning to expect on-demand, consistent experiences not only on your website, but any time and any way they interact with your brand. To meet these demands, marketers are expected to deliver personalized customer experiences across ever changing touchpoints, but are often challenged with disconnected data sources, management systems, delivery options and analytics that can impede a clear view of the customer including how and where they interact over time.  

The latest Sitecore© Experience Platform™ (XP), version 9, is the only experience cloud with comprehensive content management and digital marketing tools that unify all customer data and interactions from campaigns and other sources into one platform, providing you with an ongoing holistic, real-time view of the customer that helps deliver highly effective brand experiences across multiple channels. 

Sitecore XP 9 New Features 


API framework built on OData RESTful services with the ability to collect and act on any customer behavior from any channel at any time. Built in bi-directional connector for; use sales process data to influence personalized website content and marketing efforts and enrich CRM profiles with viewership and campaign activity. 

Marketing automation 

Omni-channel automation tools allow marketers to deliver deeply personalized experiences. The drag and drop functionality makes creating complex campaigns simple to create, enabling marketers to set up triggers to effectively track the customer throughout their journey.  

New Forms Module 

Completely redesigned with drag and drop UI to create forms, support for multipage forms and new features to ensure that more quality customer data can be captured and acted upon with ease. The analytics and reporting capabilities of the Sitecore Forms application enable marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of their forms instantly. 


Machine learning engine integrated throughout the Sitecore Experience platform leverages the wealth of both native and third-party customer data that is continuously processed and optimized to unveil new customer segments, giving brands a competitive advantage.  

Azure Cloud Toolkit 

Fully rearchitected and optimized for Microsoft Azure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment, enabling seamless integration with native Azure resources to allow the deployment of a Sitecore topology in as little as 30 minutes while being ready to scale endlessly to meet any demand. 

Bring the latest web framework to your enterprise with Sitecore 9. Our certified implementation team can implement the advanced capabilities of this new version of Sitecore to benefit your business. New Angle's team has completed numerous Sitecore implementation projects, including several for Fortune 1000 companies like First Solar and Honeywell.  

Take advantage of our development experience and forward-thinking team to bring your enterprise to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about Sitecore and to see if it fits your marketing objectives. 

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