In today’s world people are infatuated with how celebrities and public figures act, and often try to mock them.  Stop thinking, how would Katy Perry act? Or how would Justin Timberlake act? And start thinking how you can create yourself.

Creating a marketing persona is a great tool that can help you target your marketing campaigns and offers to the right groups of prospective customers. The ideal place to create a persona is on social media. Social media platforms give you the opportunity for different facets of your audience’s character to beam through. But in order to create a persona, you first need to fully understand who your customers are.  When creating your persona you need to research the types of needs and wants, interests, likes and dislikes of your customer base. By knowing the issues your customers face, you can then provide your content to your audience in a way that they will find useful.   

Once you fully understand your customer’s needs, take time to visualize a clear, precise image in your head of what you want your persona to be. The main problem many people face when creating a persona is that they don’t know exactly what they want their persona to be. The more unclear you are about your persona, the more likely your audience will be unclear too. You want your persona to be easily interpreted by your audience, so having a clear vision of your persona is crucial.

All in all, to efficiently engage with your business’s prospective customers or fans on social media, it’s imperative to know what motivates them to engage with you and also interact on these social media platforms. The better understanding you have of your audience, the more successful your persona will be. Now that you have the tools you need, are you ready to create a perfect persona?

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