Did you know New Angle has upgraded and moved into a bigger studio? We now have more space, a larger green screen, and other amenities to create bigger and more creative projects! What does that mean for you? Well, for starters, it means YOU can do more, too!

Green Screen

Our green screen is much larger, 17’x11’ to be exact, which means more flexibility in filming. Whether it’s just you, or you have multiple talents in for a production, we can accommodate groups of all sizes. From talking heads to short films and more, the possibilities are endless.

White Screen

In addition to our large green screen, New Angle’s upgraded studio is also equipped with a 12’x11’ white screen. The addition of the white screen is unique; it is very versatile and provides clean background for those productions that need the focus to be on the talent. Productions like Q&A or interview style showcase very well in this type of environment.

The white screen also offers a great backdrop for fashion photography, headshots and portraits. If you are looking to create a more personalized look, the studio is equipped with plenty of lighting gels to create an interesting and abstract look for your video or photography.

More space = More Creativity

Some videos don’t require to be shot on a green or white screen and that’s why we made sure to have plenty of space for crew and talent, props, lights, and more. In our minds, the studio space needed to be large enough to allow our creativity (and yours!) to flow freely. 

With our complete floor space of 500 ft2, we can create unique videos showcasing new products, services and promotional pieces; check out the video we created to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Soundproof and Controlled Environment

New Angle’s studio is also treated with acoustic absorption panels. This allows for a better balance of sound, resulting in more realistic, pleasing tone. We also made sure to control external noise by deadening the external noise of street traffic.      

The Best Part

Best of all, New Angle is here to help you every step of the way. When we say full service production company, we mean it; we have the capabilities to help you with planning and pre-production, production and filming, and post-production and editing. Plus, if you are looking to rent out the New Angle studio space, our team will assist you in planning a time and date for you video production.

So, what will you create?

Whether you’ve worked with New Angle before or not, we hope you will stop in to our new office in Central Phoenix!

Want to book an appointment to visit New Angle’s Studio? Have a killer video idea? Get in touch with us!

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