2016 is in full swing – can you believe it?  This year began with new clients, new projects, and lots of momentum from a fun 2015!  For us, last year sped by at an alarming rate; probably due to the fact that we had a mountain of projects to climb and conquer.  We love working with all of our clients and greatly appreciate their decision to work with us. As we look forward to another great year, we thought it would be fitting to first look back and highlight some memorable projects from 2015.  We hope these inspire creative ideas for your next project! 

AZ Home & Garden

AZ Home & Garden is Arizona’s first and only online home show . As New Angle’s main internal project for the year, we utilized every department of our company – from developing a custom application that captured the best features of the physical tradeshow, to designing over 100 virtual booths and showcasing exhibitors and their interactive assets. The show is now live 365 days a year so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!


Embedded Code Source

Embedded Code Source is an online wynd™ community for programmers and developers to upload and share code. After a successful 4 year run of the first iteration of the application, Microchip approached New Angle to give the site a refresh on the UI and to provide direction on the next phase of the application to increase engagement and usage among its users. New Angle returned with a responsive application that included the features of its predecessor, and an all new Q & A Forum where developers can ask questions about their projects and be recognized as thought-leaders through a community driven answer-rating system.


Honeywell Performance Accelerator Application

The Performance Accelerator is a game-changing, award-winning online sales application that delivers Honeywell customers and employees access to a 3D, interactive hangar experience, including a customizable aircraft fleet. Users can select from a variety of aircraft and rotate it to reveal touchpoints that showcase groups of products sold and serviced by Honeywell. Customers are then able to request quotes based on their customized fleet and specific requirements.

This project utilized Sitecore™ and Salesforce™ development, strengthened enterprise integrations and project management, and expanded our development capabilities for showcasing interactive 3D experiences in browsers and mobile applications for Windows and Apple devices. The best part of the project was hearing feedback from our client about their experience with the tool, its performance, and the amazing reactions it received from our client's customers.

F3 Technology Partners

F3 Technology Partners’ video uses motion graphics, custom illustrations, kinetic typography, and creative transitions to deliver a high impact. Sometimes, the simplest and shortest animations take the most time, so a large amount of effort went into creating some of the scenes. For example, the opening’s crumbling building walls and windows needed to be broken apart individually. Then, the positions and rotation of each line were animated, creating the illusion of the building falling apart.   

Most Interesting Man

For us, comedic spoofs that are not product or company-centric don’t come around very often, so the studio team was excited to work on this Dos Equis beer-inspired video. Comedy is all about timing and the elements needed to complement each other in just the right way. Time and budget were the biggest challenges, as well as finding an establishment for the shoot. Special thanks to the SideBar for their help, and for allowing us to cover up all the windows so it seemed like we were shooting at night!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of our recent work for clients, learning about the creative process, and gaining inspiration for your next project!  We’re very excited to see what this year has in store, and we wish you a successful 2016!

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