This past June, Instagram celebrated a major milestone of 1 billion subscribers with the introduction of IGTV, or Instagram TV. In this age of smart and advanced TVs, Instagram has introduced a completely new platform for video consumption — one which appeals to younger generations and even has the potential to replace television in its entirety!

Research shows that the average person is watching less TV and more digital video. By 2021, 78% of mobile data will be spent on digital videos. Younger audiences are increasingly in favor of content from new faces (general social media users) rather than seasoned professionals (newscasters and entertainment pros).

Keeping up with these trends, Instagram introduced the first-of-its-kind, vertical format, distraction and advertisement-free video portal. Its content is specially curated for the mobile screen (no need to tilt your device) which is great because we’ve seen that vertical video (ads like Snapchats) engage audiences 9X more than regular videos.

You can operate IGTV right from the Instagram portal and continue using the same interface, or you can download the IGTV app.

Some Features of Instagram TV

  • Insta–accessible. The minute you click on the IGTV logo through Instagram, or open up the app, videos start playing, just like on a television! You don’t have to search for anything, or even browse through categories. Just open the app and get ready for some click and play entertainment.
  • You get to keep your Instagram followers. The best part of IGTV is that it works through the Instagram portal, so you can curate your new video content directly to your existing followers.
  • Advertisement free. Unlike YouTube and other video portals, as of now, IGTV is completely advertisement free, making users more likely to use it as a platform for entertainment.
  • View user generated content. IGTV is a bold move to level the playing field in terms of video production. It allows you to view content made by users like you and me instead of depending on professionals to deliver all your entertainment. It really is the future of television and video entertainment.
  • Ten minutes to an hour. If you’re an amateur Instagram user, your videos can be up till ten minutes duration – which is more than enough to entertain, or bring your point across to your audience. But IGTV allows influencers and celebrities, for example, or those with a lot of followers and status, the option of posting videos that are one hour long as well.
  • Vertical video content. IGTV videos are created and posted in the vertical form. This sets IGTV apart from YouTube, incentivizing users to produce newer, fresher content.

How to Use IGTV for Your Brand and Business

If you’ve been sharing Instagram stories and creating video content for your YouTube channel, IGTV is now the next place to be. Here are some ways to get the most out of this platform.

  • Create short films and shows. These are great forms of video entertainment to keep your audience interested. Besides being good quality content, episodes make your audience anticipate more from you.
  • Link it to your Instagram story. This can work as a teaser as well. Show your audience a short clip and then link the IGTV video to your story. Users just swipe up to view the video that you’ve put up.
  • Tutorials and game shows. Short video content is great for tutorials and short game shows. IGTV is like traditional TV’s upgraded version that allows for quick but quality entertainment.
  • Produce quality videos. Don’t let the vertical video format confuse you. Make sure you continue providing relevant content in your videos and don’t compromise on quality.
  • Reach beyond your YouTube following. YouTube’s monopoly might soon be over. IGTV offers an alternate platform for all your video content. Get in soon and accrue your audience while it’s still young.

There aren’t advertisements on IGTV (yet), so whether it can be profitable for creators or not remains to be seen. But for brand awareness and delivery of content, IGTV shows great potential. You can use this portal to engage your audience and deliver content right into their smartphones.

Remember, your video can be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long (or 60 if you have a verified account) and the maximum file size can be up to 3.6 GB.

Don’t wait around. Experiment with new content, try special effects and find your IGTV niche!

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