A lot has changed in the way today people consume content. For instance, instead of wolfing down a full meal of long-form content, they prefer content served in small helpings aka “snackable content.” The same holds true when it comes to viewing videos on mobile phones. The interesting thing to note here is, the device preference of online viewers dramatically changes depending on the length of the video they intend to watch.

According to a report, nearly 45% of videos viewed on mobile were less than 6 minutes, but for longer videos, people moved to bigger screens. Now, consider the fact that people are spending more time watching videos on their mobile phones. In other words, people are increasingly using their mobile phones to grab small “bites” of information or entertainment whenever they have a chance.

This kind of behavior makes sense for another reason—our attention span as an audience is constantly dropping. The latest data suggests it has become less than that of a goldfish. Therefore, chances are most people won’t watch a longer video till the end or register the complete message it’s trying to convey. Super-short videos, however, satiates their appetite for easy-to-digest content that can be consumed on the go such as when they are in the elevator, waiting for a ride share, or waiting in a grocery store check-out line.

How to Make Viewers Snack on Your Videos? 

Contrary to popular belief, snackable video isn’t only about funny X (insert cat, dog, babies, and everything in between) videos or game show fails. You can—and should—utilize short videos effectively for your brand to get the following business benefits:

  • Improved brand awareness
  • Better consumer attention
  • More site traffic
  • More social shares

Even if a snackable video lasts only for a few seconds, it allows you to pack more information into a smaller timeframe, providing you a terrific opportunity to engage and educate your audience. But before, you set out to make the most of this media form, remember—a snackable video should be two things:

Simple. You need to get your message across quickly. Any clip that forces your viewers to decipher the message will be ignored for one that’s easier to understand.

Impactful. Your video needs to be such that it pops against the huge influx of other stuffs people could be looking at during the time they’re spending online.

Here are some ways to rustle up snackable videos your viewers would love to gorge on!  

Choose a Simple Recipe. Stick to a simple plot to make sure your viewers don’t get distracted from the key message. Simple stories are the ones that are best remembered.

Use the Right Spices. Don’t use too many elements but make sure the ones you choose do full justice to your purpose. For instance, a striking background music that clashes with an awesome voiceover could drown the effects of both.

Drizzle Your Secret Sauce. What is it that makes your brand stand out from the rest? Identify it and use it in your videos to make them instantly recognizable as a part of your brand. Buzzfeed videos, for instance, are spot-on with their content selection. They are hyper-addictive (try watching just one) and immensely shareable—qualities you can associate with their brand.

Make it Easy to Consume and Share. The key to creating a social stir around your videos is to make the sharing options visible to even the most careless viewer. Of course, before sharing happens, you have to make sure the content of your video resonates with your audience within the small time-frame.

Repurpose Long Content into Mini-Bites. It’s almost cooking a new dish from last night’s leftovers. You could borrow ideas from your existing posts, slideshare presentations, podcasts, or practically any content that may be languishing somewhere there, and turn them into short, snackable videos or a mini video series. This way you won’t have to hunt for new content ideas every time you’re creating a video.  

Have you experienced success creating snackable content? Share your story in the comments below.

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