High performance, low-cost digital cameras have taken photography mainstream. With the ability to purchase a camera that is as near to professional photography as you can get, people are now discovering the possibilities of capturing true art from behind the lens.

For many photographers, shooting in spaces such as the home or outdoors can create limitations with lighting, weather, space, and privacy.

Owning a studio is not ideal for many photographers when it comes to working within a budget, so what should you know before renting your next space?

Studio photography can intrigue the creative minds of both new and experienced photographers. With the unique capability to have complete control of the environment and look you want to create, renting a studio can be a great substitute for other provisional spaces. 

A key recommendation from New Angle Studios - do your research before booking your next rental space:

Size Matters - Studios come in a variety of sizes, make sure that the space is going to work within your means and the image you need to capture.

Ask about the extras - If you are shooting more than one person; make sure that there is additional space for others outside of the studio. A green room or separate facility for changing and spending time between shoots is sometimes a necessity.

What is offered - Lighting? Equipment? Can you bring your own? These are all key questions to ask before booking your studio time.

Time and availability- Make sure that the rates fall into your budget as well as your time preference. Will you be shooting during the week? Nights? Weekends? Some studios don’t rent out on Saturday, Sunday or after regular business hours.

Whatever your photographic interest, from glamour and fashion to corporate headshots and product photography, a studio space can house your creativity and offer a cost-effective way to produce your best work!

New Angle Studios is pleased to offer rental studio space in Phoenix, AZ...contact us today if you are in the area (or will be for a future shoot) and need some space!


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